Why Firstlink

As an authorized distributor of world class supplies we provide quality solutions to match the increasing demand for such in the Southern African market.

Our depth knowlegde of the market enables us to place the right product at the right location at the right time. We have absolute confidence that our exceptional function and technical expertise coupled with intensive research gives us an inherent market advantage which in turn will allows to forecast our consumer needs.

Based on these needs, we are to form strategic partnerships across the globe, to cater for needs as they arise.


Our MD, multi-skilled and naturally driver senior level management, with Post Graduate Degree and many years of experience on procurement, travel industry, Car rental and telecommunications industry, with the following expertise:

• Business Management

• General Management

• Project Management

• Human Resource Management

• Leadership & Skills Development and Strategic Project Analysis

• Experience in various markets, South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Botswana and the Middle East.

Sustainability Procurement

At Firstlink Enterprise, sustainability is more than just a policy. It is part of part of our company culture and everyday operations.

Our procurement model is designed over a "No Complaint" policy.In our years of experience,we have realised how to make sustainable buying. cost effective not only for the organzation itself but the economy, environment, and society.

Fair opportunity

We specialize in sourcing cost effective products which are sustainable, durable, and offer the highest return on your investment. Through our prowess and extensive supply chain knowledge, our main goal is to maximize your ROI.

Highest quality

We provide you with the highest quality at the most favourable price point. Pivotal to our sucess as a sustainable procurement supplier is our hability to balance humanitarian and environmental needs with economic progress and commercial development.

Sustainable Supply

As a responsible corporation, we are committed to safeguarding the environment and global communities within it by integrating the core principles of sustainable supply into every aspect of our service, culture and practices.